Automated laptop provisioning using bash

Over the weekend, I decided to take a page out of thoughtbot's playbook and create a laptop script for provisioning a new development machine. Their script »

Automate yourself out of a job

Recently somebody at work came to me with a scenario: "Daniel, at least once a week I have to take screenshots of movies and upload them »

Link: Code review best practices

Code Review Best Practices I like this link... as somebody that works in a more marketing-centric business, dedicated IT support often comes from contractors. For me »

Replace conditional with polymorphism in WordPress themes and Advanced Custom Fields

I haven't blogged in a while, and there's a reason for that: I'm working on combining my portfolio and blog into one site over at danielstrunk »

What is Vagrant?

While trying to drag a WordPress install into the 21st century for the last week or so, I've been working with Vagrant, among other things, to »

Polyfills and shims for IE8 support

If you've ever done work for a government, financial or B2B organization, you might find yourself needing to support Internet Explorer 8. I know, I know »

Changing CSS to Sass in Bower dependencies

I'm working on an updated version of our company's online styleguide at work, and wanted to modernize it by introducing Bower and Gulp into the build »

Squashing git commits with rebase

The prevailing mantra with git, or any version control system for that matter, is "commit early, commit often." For the last year, I've been doing so »