Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

I've been on shared hosting for the better part of 10 years now. My first servers were on 1and1, and more recently, Dreamhost. To their credit »

CodeKit 2 for front end development

Back when I was first getting into front end development, I used CodeKit to handle optimizing all of my assets. It was great; it compiled my »

Get a whiteboard! Sketch! Plan!

Short on code or examples today, but this topic is just as (if not more) important than any code I could come up with. It's extremely »

Thoughtbot's Upcase for sharpening programming skills

Things have been a bit more quiet around here than I'd like. I've got my reasons though, I swear. See, I recently subscribed to Thoughtbot's Upcase »

Easier movements in vim

As a recent adopter of vim, I'll admit I fell into a trap. I removed arrow key support in an attempt to do things the "vim »

Nerding out: setting up Ubuntu for Ruby development

Over the last couple of days, I've been setting up my Macbook Air to dual boot into Ubuntu for development. Why do that, when OS X »

Cleaning up nested forms with form objects in Rails 4

It's a big day today... Apple's September 9th event, this blog's 100th post, and perhaps most importantly, my dog Carl's birthday! To celebrate, we'll be talking »

The end of my GitHub streak

Nothing much code-wise this week, except ... RIP my GitHub streak. When I started this Rails journey, I made a personal commitment to tackle a full 365 »