Automating CSV parsing with Ruby

Part of my day job involves designing and sending out email campaigns for various customers. On the whole it's a pretty painless job, with one sticking »


Here are some links that I've found helpful over the last year or so. I'll keep this page updated as I come across other resources. Railscasts »

Link: Rails Rumble Gem Teardown

Rails Rumble Gem Teardown This is a great resource for learning what people are using to quickly get their apps ready for their 48 hour hackathons »

Moving around in Vim

Happy Friday! Today I'll touch on a major pain point for people first starting to learn Vim: navigating file structures! Let's get started. Splits One of »

Link: 80,000 Plaintext Passwords: An Open Source Love Story in Three Acts

80,000 Plaintext Passwords: An Open Source Love Story in Three Acts This is an entertaining talk given at Rocky Mountain Ruby Conference in Boulder, CO »

Technical debt must be paid

Rebuilding the Shopify Admin: Improving Developer Productivity by Deleting 28,000 Lines of Javascript The TL;DR: Shopify created an internal JavaScript framework. This framework became »

Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

I've been on shared hosting for the better part of 10 years now. My first servers were on 1and1, and more recently, Dreamhost. To their credit »

CodeKit 2 for front end development

Back when I was first getting into front end development, I used CodeKit to handle optimizing all of my assets. It was great; it compiled my »